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Those Who ONLY Wait Achieve NOTHING!


There are people that are gifted with exceptional intelligence, that have a very high IQ and are extremely talented. But even with all these qualities, they are not overcomers. A true over comer is a person of actions, not just skills!

It’s like having all the ingredients to make a fantastic cake, but not knowing how to prepare it. If we look at human history, there are abundant examples of people who were very gifted, but ended up living in anonymity and misery, with just the mere promise of what their life could have been.

stop waiting  copy

However, the opposite also happens frequently, or have you never heard someone say, “No one ever gave them the time of day, but they went from being no one to becoming a successful someone!”

“And why?” Many will ask…

“What do they have that I don’t?” They want to know, thinking that some are destined to succeed, while others are not…

Let us examine the reason as to why this happens. Is it God? Is it the universe? Is it fate? Are there hidden forces at work against you?

No, the problem is you, when you sit back and wait instead of taking action!


Bishop Julio Freitas – Check out his official blog:


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2 thoughts on “Those Who ONLY Wait Achieve NOTHING!

  1. I believe so too, the waiting game is not for the people of God because, we are a royal priesthood, separated for God Himself. Our glory is His, but this happen only by taking actions of faith. Our step of faith can bring millions of people to the Kingdom of God. But we provoke this miracle by faith.


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