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A Successful Christian vs A Defeated Believer


People in churches and also outside may not always ask but do wonder: Why are there so many people who have claimed to be Christians and lived a life according to the Word of God but are at a standstill in their life and faith? Both with their relationship with God(Salvation) and the life and life more abundantly Jesus promised?

Plus, they see that new converts who still have so much to change and learn moving forward and conquering things at a relatively fast pace.

The answer is very simple: A successful Christian invests daily without ceasing in the Word of God by practicing what they hear and read, while the defeated believer wavers in trusting in the Word of God and therefore receives nothing from God.

faith-aloneRemember 3 important factor about the God of the Bible:

1. We are not blessed because we are worthy; we are blessed because we believe in God’s ability to give to us what we ask of Him.

2. We are not blessed because we deserve; we are blessed because we take actions based upon the Word of God, no matter the circumstances and how long it takes, we believe in Him being faithful in what He promised and He reacts to this attitude by giving to us what we believe we can receive from Him.

3. The God of the bible is as big and powerful as you make Him to be in your life i.e. Some believe He can give them a 5 figure salary  job while other believe He can make them into a millionaire.

If You Can Dream It; The God Of The Bible Can Help you Achieve It. God Bless

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