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What’s Within Will Effect Your Environment


According to a folk legend of the East, a young man came to the edge of an oasis, near a village and he came to an old man and asked him,

“What kind of people live in this place?”

“What kind of person lives in the place where you come from?” asked the old man.

“Oh! A group of selfish and evil people. I’m glad to be out of there.”

The old man replied, “It is the same kind people you will find out here.”

On the same day, another young man approached the oasis drinking water and upon seeing the old man, he asked him:

“What kind of people live here?”

“What kind of people live in the place where you come from?” asked the old man.

“A magnificent group of people, friendly, honest, hospitable. I was very sad to have to leave them.”

“It’s the same kind people you will find out here.” Replied the old man.

A man who had overheard both conversations asked the old man:
 “How can you give such a different answer to the same question?”

The old man replied,

“Each carries in his heart the environment in which they live. He who has found anything good to put in the places where he resides now,
 cannot find something else to put there but that. He who has found friends there, also find them here.
 We are all travelers in time and the future of each of us is written in the past.

In other words, each finds in life exactly what they bring within themselves. The environment, the present and the future we create, depends on ourselves. The difference between enthusiastic people and bitter people is not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of willingness.”


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