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Define or Languish?


“Those who don’t define their goals, end up languishing. You choose!”

To lose or lack vitality, grow weak, fail to make progress or be successful… these are the definitions of the word “languish” and, unfortunately, isn’t this what we see everyday all around us? Faces can’t hide what’s going on in the soul, and nowadays, we can easily read people’s faces and realize that we are surrounded by sadness, worries and uncertainty about tomorrow. The general thought is that things are difficult in the present and the future doesn’t seem like it will be any better.

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU WANT? Answer sincerely and you will know right away whether you’re languishing or not.

The light that guides most people to the end of the tunnel, although very dim, is their desire for happiness, but this hasn’t been enough and it isn’t enough for one reason only: YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DEFINES YOUR LIFE!



Trace your goals, be thorough, accurate, and specific about them, because even though God knows the desires of your heart, He expects you to communicate with clarity, because this will show the dimension of your faith!

Therefore, dear reader, here’s my advice: DEFINE YOUR LIFE IN 2014!

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3 thoughts on “Define or Languish?

  1. I defined my life with God 14 years ago. It was not an easy step to be serving God. I had decided that if I surrender to the Lord Jesus He would make great things happen in my life and those around me as well. The Lord Jesus since that day has never failed me nor turned back on His Words that He spoke to me. I decided to serve Him no matter what I may face in the world of faith, and it has been a great blessing with all His goodness and mercies upon me. So I spread the same thing to others that I meet as well.


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