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Dealing With Prejudice

Prejudice is the offspring of ignorance.

ignorance-is-blissIf you’ve ever had to deal with a prejudiced person, you know there’s no use arguing with them. They have already formed their opinion, even if it’s wrong and stupid.

We have all been prejudiced before, because we have all been ignorant before. But later on, knowledge opened our mind and then we saw that we were wrong. We’re probably still biased with regards to things we think we know everything about, but in truth we haven’t investigated in to it carefully.

If you see that you’re being prejudiced towards someone or something, look to really get to know the person or subject. Inform yourself and weight the facts. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.


Listen to balanced opinions from unbiased people with regards to what you’re trying to get to know better. Free yourself from your preconceived opinions, put the facts together, and decide according to what seems the most correct and honest. Don’t be afraid to recognize that perhaps, you were wrong.

If you deal with a prejudiced person and want to know how to influence them, my first suggestion is that you give up on the thought – at least, if you see that the person is really clinging to their prejudices and are not in the least interested in hearing something different.

It’s a waste of time. But on the improbable chance that they may want to inform themselves better, then continue presenting information on the subject. Just the same, the decision on how to digest that information is still the person’s. So don’t blame yourself if they choose to continue being biased.

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