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The “BRIDGE” That Connects Us To The God Of The Bible


It is the infallible weapon that overcomes all obstacles and solves all problems. In fact, it is the bridge connecting two worlds, the visible and the invisible, which are opened to all possibilities.

I personally believe, that for every problem or situation there is a solution. It’s because of this reason God gave us Intelligent Faith! Yes, faith exists to solve problems, but in addition to solving problems, Faith solves something very serious, which brings forth all the problems!

In fact, the Intelligent Faith is a bridge that connects us to God. And no matter the size of this Faith, according to the words of the Lord Jesus, if it is not accompanied by doubts, it can bring to existence that which does not exist! Good or even bad.

For every problem there is a solution through Faith. Mistakes, the wickedness of pride, vagueness, bitterness, revenge, idolatry, witchcraft, and occultism… all these problems or sins are overcome or resolved through faith in the Lord Jesus.


So, if by Intelligent Faith we solve or overcome problems, then it’s through the same Intelligent Faith that we should also be forgiven and saved.

What you have to do is use that same Faith! Note the example of David, he revolted against and was truly angry with his enemies, because he not only defeated one giant, but later, overcame other giants, armies and nations. In other words, he defeated his enemies but his obstacles only continued to increase.

First it was a lion, then a bear, followed by a giant, then other giants (Goliath’s brothers), then afterwards there were armies and thereafter nations that rose up against him, but he won, and kept on winning!

What does that mean? We also have to, WIN AND KEEP ON WINNING! In order to WIN, we must use Intelligent Faith to free ourselves from the power of sin, mistakes, accusations, and obey God in an unconditional and intelligent way.

What was the infallible weapon that Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Deborah, Gideon, Hannah, David and many other heroes and heroines of the Bible used in all their battles that ensured them their triumph? Only one weapon: the INTELLIGENT FAITH in the ONLY Living-God!


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11 thoughts on “The “BRIDGE” That Connects Us To The God Of The Bible

  1. Just by saying something will happen is enough to move a mountain. Now, imagine by taking steps and using intelligent faith to overcome the difficulties in life. We would have millions of successful Christians, millions with the baptism in the Holy Spirit and etc. This is very strong! When we use our mind to think.

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