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Assume YOUR Responsibility


There are many things that others can do for us, but, have you ever wondered what no-one can do for you? Give a helping hand in a moment of distress, hearing the outbursts of our jokes, laughing, crying in our saddest moments, telling us a compliment, a criticism, giving an opinion etc… there are several things that others can do for us, because no man or woman are an island, is that not the truth? However, there are many other things that others cannot do for us, for example, physical things, such as eating, drinking, sleeping, walking, stopping, running, smiling, crying etc… but there are still more, defining what we are and even our own future, NO ONE CAN DO THIS FOR US!


The problem is that many people don’t want to take on this responsibility and would rather delegate it or leave it in the hands of others, only because it doesn’t suit them. “But what are these things? I do not understand!”, you may ask. I could list many, your dreams, your future, but most importantly, it is YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD! No, no one can talk to God for you, surrender to God for you, be faithful to God for you, and, much less, be saved for you!

Think about it 

Bishop Julio Freitas

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I'm A CHRISTIAN, I'm Full Of Energy, Charismatic, Love To Laugh And Annoying Those Most Close To Me(I Guess That My Way Of Showing Them That They Are Important; If I Don't Annoy You Much Your Just An Associate lol) Entertaining, Love To Socialize, Competitive, Very Laid Back(Unless I'm Losing In Competitions)VERY CONFIDENT, Controversial, Very SINCERE, Natural Born Leader & Love Sports.

2 thoughts on “Assume YOUR Responsibility

  1. My work to God does not take me to His Kingdom but it is my character of living. This will determine whether I am worthy of His eternal Kingdom or not. I have to connect to Him and seek His mercies.


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