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Focus on the GOAL!


One of the main reasons why many people do not reach their goals is, they focus on what they need to sacrifice rather than the result they will get once they achieve such goals.

It is a daily and continuous exercise that requires practice, effort and commitment. Reason with me, what led you, at some point in life, to signup for the gym? The desire to lose weight? Toning your body? Losing that annoying belly?

Well, briefly apply this same principle to the great goals that you have or have had in life. When you signup to the gym, you have to spend money on registration, monthly payments and even on equipment, however, what we focus on is not the sacrifice, but beyond that, we look at the future benefits that we extract from this momentary sacrifice: health and good physical shape.

But when it comes to our dreams, why do we tend to only look at the sacrifice needed to be made? Because the investment is much higher and the result is not guaranteed. Because you’ve seen many who tried in the past and didn’t succeed. And because you always exercised your vision to only look at the obvious, and not towards a promising, happy and fulfilled future.

Can you see it now?


Bishop Julio Freitas

Check out his official website:

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