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I Hate him; he Is Such A LIAR! || Part 1


Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself: “Why is life so hard?” “I Wish I Could Have Just Been Born With Everything Sorted, With No Worries & No Stress!”

And my personal favorite:”I HATE being lied to!”

What is the main aim of lies? It’s simple, to deviate someone from the truth, from justice, from everlasting fulfillment.

I for one hate lies, and it’s funny because I once was a skilled liar, yet my character if you get to know me is one of a very honest and sincere person.

We are alive and all we all want to do in life is achieve what we were born to do and get there in the most smoothest way, but unfortunately, that is a dream that will never happen.

Why is that?

1. The earth is cursed

2. We are living in a world ruled and lead by lies.

YES OR NO? And whether you believe it or not, it all started in the Garden of Eden.


Yes, if you haven’t realized already, I believe in God, the Lord Jesus & the Bible. In Genesis, it talks about how God created Man & Woman, placed them in the garden, visited them daily so He could have a relationship with His creation, gave them authority & dominion over everything and all in all created them to be fulfilled in everything and lack nothing.

Now for those who are TRUE Christians, I’m sure just like me, when we get to Heaven, we are going to have a lot to say to Adam & Eve i.e. “WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO DISOBEY GOD’S ONE COMMANDMENT!!?” “HE GAVE YOU EVERYTHING; YET YOU CHOSE TO DISOBEY HIM!” etc…

But the fact of the matter is that, there is one entity, one loser, one ultra reject, one selfish thing that is to blame! We hear him everyday, no matter where you are in this world, he is the one that tell you that you can’t achieve your dreams, that you are worthless, that God won’t forgive you, that God doesn’t exist, that you should go right when you know you should go left etc… The father of all lies… satan himself, KMT!


When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it. John 8:44 NKJV

Part 2 coming soon!

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I'm A CHRISTIAN, I'm Full Of Energy, Charismatic, Love To Laugh And Annoying Those Most Close To Me(I Guess That My Way Of Showing Them That They Are Important; If I Don't Annoy You Much Your Just An Associate lol) Entertaining, Love To Socialize, Competitive, Very Laid Back(Unless I'm Losing In Competitions)VERY CONFIDENT, Controversial, Very SINCERE, Natural Born Leader & Love Sports.

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