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God’s Enough || The Holy Spirit


It’s the story of your life, my life and the life of millions who live in this world. When we finally obtain what we’ve wanted for so long, it turns out not being enough… but my search only ended when I desired to have the “ENOUGH” Himself.

And He said to me, ’My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness’. 2 Corinthians 12.9

How many have good health, parties, fame, travels, family, expensive jewelry, diplomas, political influence, money, but nothing seems to be enough for them? Millions, billions… it’s as if their life is a constant search, from what seems to be “enough” to something else that’s “enough”…until nothing they have appeases this insatiable desire.

But if nothing is ever enough, or sufficient, in your life it’s because you lack God’s ENOUGH. His ENOUGH goes beyond problem solving, achieving objectives and the fulfilling of dreams. Do you know what His ENOUGH is? No? It’s the Holy Spirit!

But why does this happen? Because only God’s GRACE IS ENOUGH.

So, what is God’s grace? His Grace is the Holy Spirit, the One who Perfects Himself in our weaknesses, in order to make us strong so that we may stand and prevail.

Now we understand why, even when we have good health, a home, money, family, or even the world at our feet, it’s just not enough … we understand why there are so many people who seem to have “everything”, but none of it is ever sufficient or enough for them. Why? Because they don’t have God’s ENOUGH – the Holy Spirit.


God’s ENOUGH is all we need to be truly happy and complete. It’s the starting point for everything in life. If you have His ENOUGH, everything else becomes a bonus, a mere addition, not a main objective, because you’ve already achieved what’s Most Important!

Throughout these 36 years, we’ve seen millions come to the UCKG with nothing, and today, because they were Baptized with the Holy Spirit, they have it all, overcome it all and conquer it all.

So, those who have God’s ENOUGH aren’t attracted to anything else, because they already have everything they need. They don’t fear anything because they’ve already overcome their worst enemies – their own self, the fear of death and the demons. The “world” tries to draw their attention, but it never attracts them, because they already have God’s ENOUGH.

To those who are looking for a definitive end to their anxiety, their lack of resolve, the shameful situation of their love life, family, work etc… there’s only one way, through God’s ENOUGH – the Holy Spirit. He makes us strong just as HE is STRONG.

I DON’T HAVE fame, money, experience, diplomas … but because I have His ENOUGH – HIS SPIRIT – I am 100% WEALTHY!!! What about you?

See you at the UCKG, or in the Clouds!


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