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Leading by Fear or Faith?


There are two ways to make people do what you want them to:

1. Make them scared of you.

2. Make them have faith in you.

Whether that’s in relationships, business, sports, church, politics – and in any other place where you need the cooperation of others, normally one of these cultures prevails. Either people complete their tasks because their scared of the person or because they believe in them.

The boyfriend erases the call history on his phone or Internet browser, so that his girlfriend doesn’t see the inappropriate activity; The employee does more (or acts like it) when the boss is nearby; The athlete works hard at training so that his/her coach doesn’t hassle them.

The volunteer at church does his part, not so voluntarily, but because he’s dead if he doesn’t; The politician denigrates the opposing candidate to such an extent that when Election Day comes the people would rather vote for the devil than for him.


A leader who uses fear to lead does not have followers. He has survivors who reluctantly follow his orders, until they either revolt or find a better leader. The leader who inspires the people through his vision, purpose and an exemplary life has his followers in the palm of his hand.

The follower or survivor who does things out of fear should re-evaluate his motives. Yes, perhaps he has been conditioned by the culture of fear to act accordingly, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a choice.

The boyfriend can stop being afraid of his girlfriend’s reaction and start to have faith in their relationship, for example. If you believe that your relationship is more important than an inappropriate conversations with other women via Internet or the curse that is pornography(an unsatisfactory poison,) so then your behavior will change, not because of fear but because of intelligence.

And you’re the one who can decide this; the same applies in any situation. The truth is that those who act from fear are weak. Even the leader who imposes his regime of fear is a slave to it and fears losing his position. They’re insecure of themselves.

Better than the culture of fear is the culture of faith. Faith in yourself, faith in the merits of a mission or objective, faith in the good side of people, faith that God rewards those who are faithful to Him.

Try a culture change. But then of course, the culture of faith is only for the strong.


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