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The 2 Hardest Things To Do


1. Make a decision

At first I thought to myself “no it ain’t”, but when I thought deeper into it, it actually is a hard thing we all have to do everyday. Why? because with every decision we make, there is a consequence, a reality that we have to face, whether it be good or bad.

As humans, we should all naturally want to be happy and fulfilled, we would all love if everything was provided for us and we could just chillax all day –  like how Adam & Eve were before they disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden. However this isn’t the case, so we have to be responsible and make hard decision everyday.

Let me give some examples:

Deciding to get out of bed in the morning OR Deciding to stay in bed an extra hour or more – They are both decisions & each have there own consequence, the reality is that which ever one we pick in the morning, we will have to lose out on something, either the luxury of being in your warm & cozy bed OR being late to work/uni and from that risk not being able to make money and enjoy that money.

Deciding to start dating someone OR Deciding to stay single – Once again, they are both decisions with there own benefits and detriments but we can’t have the benefits of both. A person will either choose the joy of having someone they care about, can relate to & share there experiences with on top of sacrificing time and effort for them  OR stay single and be able to do what they want, when they want, talk to as many people as they want & invest time in themselves.

It’s the fact that with every decision, we have to prepare ourselves to lose out of something else, this is what makes “Making a decision” one of the hardest things to do everyday.


Then we got the second hardest thing

2. Sticking to that decision

Its an eternal battle, deeper than we can contemplate. Many of us have been there when we made a decision and we were really enthusiastic about it at first but as we are humans, we do tend to get bored of the routine and the same old things, so we ending up slacking and sometimes even going back on our decision.

Once you finally decided what you want/have to do, committing to it can be sooooooooooooo hard, don’t you agree? It will take self-discipline, focus, faith, endurance, perseverance, GOD etc…

Along the way there will be plenty of things to discourage you, that will try and make you go back on that decision you made but as the picture below states…


My final words are this: Our life is built on the decisions we make NOW, though it is hard to make it and stick to it, let’s make sure that the decision we do make lead to the life God created us for.


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