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Total Dependence On GOD

Depend on God

“When do prayer, fasting, work, studies, charity, dedication, all become in vain? When there is no sacrifice.”

There are certain moments in the life of an individual when everything seems to be in vain. It’s like running continuously until you reach a point where you fall to the ground without the strength to carry on.

There are those that say their life is based on God’s Word. They pray, fast, work, study, do charity and dedicate themselves fully to everything they do, but they’ve never experienced the wonderful feeling of seeing the supernatural happening in their life! And why? Aren’t all the things they do important?

They are, obviously, but what truly makes the difference in one’s life is his sacrifice to God.

God wants to SEE the person fully dependent on Him. This is the purpose of sacrifice.

Throughout life, we create relationships of dependency on objects, people and situations. Some of these relationships are important to our welfare, others cause harm or a loss of independence. Remaining dependent on God only bring benefits to the individual, because, at the end of the day, who has power, authority and control over everything?

Bishop Julio Freitas

Check out his official blog:

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