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3 Steps to Success


“With our mind we conceive, with our 6th Sense we believe and through sacrifice we achieve.”

Everything is born in the mind … with it we imagine what we want to do or be in life. The house we want to live in, the person we want to marry, even the children we want have. We even imagine, down to the simplest detail, how they’ll be physically…

The big problem is that, the vast majority of people don’t progress beyond this stage. They live life fantasizing, longing, yearning desperately for a reality that never comes…

But why is this? Because they merely conceive with their mind, but don’t believe nor use their 6th Sense…much less sacrifice!

At the end of the day, there’s no other way around it … since the dawn of humanity, nothing has ever come to pass without these three steps; and none of your dreams will come true unless you do the same.

Do you want to transform a dream into reality? Analyse yourself. At what level are you? Once you figure that out, follow the three steps to success!

Bishop Julio Freitas

Check out his official blog for more:

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