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Wise Celebrating


One day a wise man was at the docks, watching the ships enter and leave. He noticed that when a ship went out to sea, everyone on the pier celebrated and wished the crew a pleasant journey; but when another would arrive from sea, the crowd would ignore it.

The wise man then addressed the people, saying: “You’re looking at things the wrong way! When a ship goes out to sea, no one knows what lies ahead of it, nor whether it’ll return. So, really, there is no reason to celebrate. On the other hand, when a ship returns to harbour and arrives home safely, is this not a reason to celebrate?!”


Life is a journey and we are the ship. When a child is born, we celebrate. When a soul returns home, we mourn. But if we look at life on earth just as the wise man looked at the ship, perhaps we would say: “The ship has faced the storms of life, has ended its journey and finally entered the harbour.”

Life is a journey, long for some, short for others, but the what’s important is that the journey is made. For this, you must embark on this journey knowing exactly where you are going and not just head ‘somewhere’. The map is within you – it is called ‘goals’.

If you can dream it; you can achieve it!

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