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Control Your Impatience


“Cutting corners is actually a sign of impatience and lack of self-discipline.”

The transition from childhood to adulthood begins by understanding many different things, one of them has to do with the time it takes to obtain certain things.

When we are children we want everything and want them “right now”. We are impatient, often undisciplined in our choices and attitudes and unaware that everything has its time to ‘mature’, even us. We have to be prepared to receive what we want.

We all grow up physically, but intellectually; we all proceed at a different pace. While some learn that to be patient is more than an art, it’s a necessity, others continue to try to “cut corners” due to their impatience.

What to do, then? Start by establishing guidelines for your daily life. Establish goals/priorities. Work hard to achieve them and be patient to receive them, without fading or getting discouraged in your efforts as you go along!

Bishop Julio Freitas

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