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MUSCLEMANIA #2 || The Beginning



Well, last week was the start of my 3 month cycle. Since Mr Mystro lives in Wolves I can’t train with him, but now i’m training with my boy Magic, he is the Polish Arnold Schwarzenegger =]

This week was obviously going to be the hardest out of all, my muscles are still waking up from their 4 month slumber but i managed to keep up with him and the training regime he had planned for us.

I also did the measurements of my arms, forearms, chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves:

Right Arm: 13.8 Inches(Straight) 16 Inches(Tensed)

Left  Arm: 13.2 Inches(Straight) 15.8 Inches(Tensed)

Forearms: 12 Inches

Chest: 38 Inches

Waist: 31.5 Inches

Hips: 37.8 Inches

Thighs: 23.2 Inches

Calves: 15.5 Inches


Here is the guide Magic gave me to measure myself properly.

Well it is still early days but i’m really sure that this 3 month cycle will help me get up to about 87kg, my overall goal of 95kg will take a bit longer. It’s good to have a training partner, to help you & motivate you to keep lifting and to stay in shape, i also start athletics training again soon, which is great.

Keep posted on my weekly progression & tips.


Remember: If you can dream it, you can achieve it


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