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I Thank God For The UCKG

Have you ever wondered how and where you would be if God had not used the serious Work of the UCKG to Deliver and Save you?

Many say they would be: “in idolatry”, “ill”, “addicted”, “in hospital”, “dealing with the occult”, “on the streets”, “in unbelief “, “depressed”, “in prison”, “in orgies”, “unbalanced”, “in misery”…

The truth is, none of us really know where we would be, however, one thing is for sure, we wouldn’t be in a happy place or situation. We know very well where we came from and the state in which we walked into the UCKG.

Bearing this in mind, consider the following: Can we pay the Lord Jesus back for what He did on the cross and in our lives? Our answer can only be one: No, no, no and no…it’s impossible!!!

So what does He expect of us, if we can’t pay Him back?

5 important things:

1st Gratitude – Loyalty,
2nd Justice – Revolt,
3rd Evangelization – Mercy,
4th Faith – Obedience
5th Courage – Perseverance .

In case you haven’t shown your gratitude to God, start to do so right now with a prayer of thanksgiving, followed by attitudes based on the Most Intelligent, Practical and Beneficial Teachings of God’s Word wherever you are. If you have not surrendered your life to Him yet, do so now.

Repeat after me:
“God, I invoke the powerful name of your Son Jesus, who died for me, so that now, at this moment, I may be free from fear, pride, doubt, evil, addiction… please forgive me for the sins I’ve committed… I ask you Lord to accept me, save me, and give me the opportunity to develop my Intelligent Faith, by seeking You in the UCKG and serving You in a newness of life…”

Do you know why God wants us to practice these 5 “things”?

Apart from showing Him how grateful we are, He wants us to also show the demons that we don’t believe in their lies anymore, and, above all, for us to remain steadfast and faithful straight through to the end!

When we practice these 5 key principles of Intelligent Faith in the Living God, our relationship with Him matures, so that we become strong enough to resist temptations, tribulations, disappointments, trouble and persecution.

Bishop Julio Freitas

If you want more from him, check out his official blog:

Personally, I praise God for the UCKG everyday, this is MY church forever =D No matter what A,B or C may say about MY church, I know how this church has helped transformed my life through the direction of the Holy Spirit, the God of the Bible is in this church, I’m a fruit of it’s TRUE work.

It’s the place where I found my Lord Jesus, where i learned the truth, where I was convicted of my Idolatrous, Proud, Womanizing, Religious & Imperfect ways, Where I learned that demons are real, where He taught me to depend on Him and His word only & to follow Him and not man.

Which ever country you are in, I invite you to pop into one of the UCKGs, we are in i believe over 100 countries. If you do come, be prepared to be challenged to use the faith in you that may have been sleeping for many years. And above all, be prepared to be taught the TRUTH of the Bible & God, nothing more, nothing less.

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who wins souls is wise. Proverbs 11:30 NKJV – THIS IS UCKG’S SPIRIT



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8 thoughts on “I Thank God For The UCKG

  1. If God did not have a plan for my life, even I don’t know myself where I would have been. Thank God for His mercies and for the UCKG. I don’t regret serving the Lord Jesus at the Universal Church, because He has made me to be joyous in my tribulations and trials.

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