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You Are Valuable

Who, after tasting a delicious plate of food, is concerned about finding out where the salt came from, which brand is it, or which company delivered it? Usually you would just give your compliments on the steak, rice, potatoes, etc.

Now, can you imagine how the world’s best dish would taste like without salt? The Lord Jesus said: You are the salt of the earth…” Matthew 5.13.

How many people are facing terrible struggles at home, work or in life?

They are not appreciated by anyone. But, when it comes to their faith, on the other hand, they are often criticized. Many times, they even think about throwing in the towel. Have you ever wondered what would happen if salt got so upset for never being acknowledged that it decided to stop seasoning food? From the most sophisticated to the simplest dishes, there it is with its power to make a difference in our food.

The Lord Jesus didn’t say, “You are the sugar, flour, butter…”. No, He said, “You are the salt”. In other words: you have the power to influence, to change situations, to change everything. But, make no mistake: no one is going to come up to you and say that you are amazing.

Those who are of God are not concerned with what others think or say about them. They are simply going to do their part and act on their faith because they know Who is with them. They move forward and waste no time crying over spilled milk.

Do not lose focus because of the criticism. Strive for your goals, and lift up your head!

Edir Macedo

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I'm A CHRISTIAN, I'm Full Of Energy, Charismatic, Love To Laugh And Annoying Those Most Close To Me(I Guess That My Way Of Showing Them That They Are Important; If I Don't Annoy You Much Your Just An Associate lol) Entertaining, Love To Socialize, Competitive, Very Laid Back(Unless I'm Losing In Competitions)VERY CONFIDENT, Controversial, Very SINCERE, Natural Born Leader & Love Sports.

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