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Don’t Force It

If you don’t want to be Christ-Like, obey the doctrine of the bible & live as Jesus did, don’t pretend to be a Christian & don’t force it.

But just make sure that on your Facebook, Twitter or any social network, under the religious beliefs, you don’t put as I have seen on some profiles:  “Christian Dun Kno”, “F***ing Christian” or “Christian Allday”


When asked by a friend or a stranger what are your religious beliefs, don’t say “I’m a Christian” knowing very well that, the same day you probably called Gods name in vain several times, swore, lied, fornicated, gossiped etc…

Some of these guy/girls are blind towards there Hypocrisy and genuinely believe that going to church on Sunday amounts to them being a proper Christian.

They think that singing praise and worship whether in the choir or dancing til they sweat among the congregation will show that they have a relationship with God.
Someone tell these Hypocrite to sit down and re-assess what they are claiming to be, because they are only fooling themselves.
In Act 11:26 the disciples of Jesus were first called Christians – Note the word Disciples
Now I took the liberty to check up its meaning and here it is: One who embraces and assists in spreading the teaching of another e.g the doctrine of Jesus.
Are the fake Christians embracing the teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ by living a life of sin?
Did Jesus not live a life of daily sacrifice or the flesh?
When was the last time if you asked these so called Christians, that they went to evangalize or promoted the word of God? 
But you are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. Now if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he is not His. Roman 8:9
Its a hard reality, if you ain’t got the Spirit of God, you ain’t His

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I'm A CHRISTIAN, I'm Full Of Energy, Charismatic, Love To Laugh And Annoying Those Most Close To Me(I Guess That My Way Of Showing Them That They Are Important; If I Don't Annoy You Much Your Just An Associate lol) Entertaining, Love To Socialize, Competitive, Very Laid Back(Unless I'm Losing In Competitions)VERY CONFIDENT, Controversial, Very SINCERE, Natural Born Leader & Love Sports.

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