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How To Fill The Void

Common to all humans, of any race, culture, nationality, social rank or gender is a deep emotion that something is missing. As soon as the brief happiness of childhood, which many never even experience, a permanent dissatisfaction gets lodged inside of each person.

Of course few talk about it because society tends to judge and isolate people who don’t seem “happy.” Most try to solve the problem by trying to fill the void with something that will at least give them temporary satisfaction. This “something” can be alcohol, music, art, charity, drugs, religion, work, a relationship, studying, a game, fame, money, sports, sex, shopping – something that serves as a top to close the soda bottle after it’s been opened. It won’t fix things, but it will hold the gas for a while.


For some time. It’s clear that nothing can fill this void permanently. That’s why people incessantly search for a larger amount and greater variety of experiences in life.

If they would only put all their effort into seeking the true solution: an encounter with the Spirit of God. The only thing that can fill the void. The final solution.

Many ask us: “But what do I do to find God? How can I have peace and joy like you have?

Finding God is one of the easiest and at the same time hardest things that any person can do. That’s why, as he explained:

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

Stop and think with me for a minute and answer this question: what do you want most in life at the moment?


Your husband back? Your son to be as you want? Enough money to get out of financial problems? To win a cause in court? A bit of peace? A cure to your sickness? A love that up to now has had no interest in you? Success and fame?

Think about the answer really well. Identify the one thing that will make you truly happy, something that you want a lot and have made an effort to have it. I’m not talking about a dream or fantasy.  It’s something that you really want and have sought with attitudes.

When you identify this thing, you will understand what’s necessary to find God: to want Him and seek Him above this thing.

When God becomes the most important thing in your life, above all other things and important people, then you will be ready to find Him.

It’s like the beautiful story of the disciple and the wise man.

A disciple climbed a mountain that stood before the sea to where a wise man lived at the top. The disciple asked: “Teacher, what should I do to obtain wisdom?” Without a word, the wise man got up and went to the door signaling him to come with him.

They went down the mountain in silence, the disciple preparing himself to hear and learn the secret of wisdom. They reached a beach and kept walking in direction to the water. Getting into the water, it came to their feet, then ankles, then knees. The disciple hesitated, but the wise man insisted. Waist deep, all the sudden the wise man knocks down the disciple and holds his head under water, without giving him a chance to get up. The disciple becomes alarmed and tries to escape the wise man’s grasp, kicks, drinks sea water – but the wise man holds him firmly.

When the disciple was almost dead, the wise man let go. The man got up with violence, breathing and choking, he would spit salt water and couldn’t hide his anger: “Are you trying to kill me?”

The wise man answered: “The day that you search for wisdom as you did for air you will find it.” He then went back in direction of the mountain, as the disciple stood in the water breathless and bewildered. Yet he had an answer to what he had come searching for.

So simple. So hard.

Renato Cardoso

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