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It’s OK to sin because God will forgive me, RIGHT?

Have you ever made a mistake and thought to yourself: “God will forgive me so it’s ORIGHT to sin every now and again”?

The amount of times I have allowed my stubbornness and pride to lead me towards sin is ridiculous, even after hearing my mum, friends or the Pastors advice i still went ahead and did what was wrong.

We all should know that God is merciful, loving, kind, patient with our mistakes etc…

And because of this people or more specifically so called “Christian” of the modern day, you know the:

“Saturday night go crazy and party hard, daggering and twerking in the club, wearing provocative clothing, swearing and lying, drinking til they can’t drink no more, lustful and envious,
Getting baptized every 6 months but not truly understanding the meaning of it, having sex every week but still claiming that they are a virgin or not a womanizer, “Oh God is caring and He wouldn’t throw me in hell because He loves me and accept me for who i am after all this world is messed up and it is too hard not to be influenced by all the wrong in the world” type of Christians really convince themselves that they can live their life anyhow.

But these people like to miss out theses verse in the bible that says:

“He is a just judge & is angry with the wicked every day” Psalms 7:11

“Righteousness & justice are the foundation of Your throne; mercy & truth go before Your face.” Psalms 89:14

And there is plenty more in the bible but i will leave that to you to go and research.

God is indeed merciful and very loving , there is countless examples in the bible but He has a limit to His mercy, when we over step that limit God must show justice as He is a just judge, bearing in mind what ever you sow, you must reap, every action you make has a reaction.(Read this post on the Law of Nature)

He may remove His protection from us as we are not considering Him in our daily actions and then the devil will have authority to do as he pleases with us and our life.

We are indeed in the grace period of life with God, as He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for our sins, but did you know that every time you sin willingly you are playing with death? And that you are crucifying Jesus again on the cross?

“For the wages of sin is death”  Romans 6:23

“Since they crucify again for themselves the Son of God, and put Him to an open shame.” Hebrews 6:6

Think about this every time you think about sinning!

Repent sincerely, bear the fruits of true repentance and see Gods light in your life.

Don’t sacrifice eternal life for sin leading to eternal damnation, but sacrifice the sin for eternal life.

That’s All For Now…

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That’s all for now…


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10 thoughts on “It’s OK to sin because God will forgive me, RIGHT?

  1. This happens every time (sin)… its hard to imagine myself forgiving someone who I know would break my heart, but still love them. Truly, God is so great! Amen! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this.
    – Mary


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