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Athletics & Cheaters

Ben Johnson, Dwaine Chambers, Yohan Blake, Tim Montgomery, Justin Gatlin, Shawn Crawford, Linford Christie, Kostas Kenteris, Veronica Campbell Brown, Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, Marion Jones etc… And plenty more all have 1 thing in common.

They have all been accused of taking performance enhancement drugs. List Of Doping Cases In Athletic

All my life I have been a big Athletics fan, I watched it on TV a few times when I was really young but I have paid close attention to the sport since 2004 Olympics in Athen. I have seen great Athletes come and go, I have seen records broken in my favourite events the 100m, 200m, 400m, 4x100m relay, long jump and triple jump and I have been inspired to get into the sport after neglecting my God given talent for so long.

To all Athletics fan, we know about the Ben Johnson infamous 100m final race, I personally always felt disappointed that a great sprinters like himself felt the need to be selfish and cheat.

Since i started doing sprint training, I realized how hard Athletes train to be the fastest in the world and trust me, it ain’t easy. So to find out that someone is trying to avoid pushing themselves that extra 10-20m in training (that separates the Elite from the average) is so frustrating.

Now since hearing of two of my favourite sprinter Asafa Powell & Tyson Gay taking drugs, it really puts a dent in the great sport of Athletics & has urged me to be extra cautious with the supplements I may take in my pursuit to be the greatest.

They are such big names and important athletes in the sport, Gay is joint 2nd fastest ever over the 100m while Powell is 4th, so to find out that they have taken drugs, it makes you wonder “HOW LONG HAVE THEY BEEN TAKING IT?” & “ARE ALL THESE RAPID TIMES UNDER 10 SECONDS BELIEVABLE AT ALL ANYMORE?”

“Five of the 10 quickest men in history have now tested positive. Six, actually, but the American Tim Montgomery’s marks have been scratched from the records. Among the top four, only world record holder Usain Bolt remains unblemished.”  BBC SPORTS ATHLETICS

Let’s just hope that a few years from now we don’t hear a breaking story of “USAIN BOLT CHEATED”

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One thought on “Athletics & Cheaters

  1. I was just thinking of writing a similar article. However, I think you are not aware of how much steroid use is actually going on. More or less, all of the pro athletes use performance enchancing drugs, especially those breaking the records set by those on steroids. There is no other way around it unfortunately.


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